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What is a personalized URL?

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 05:27PM MST

A personalized URL (sometimes called a PURL or pURL - sounds like "pearl") is just a web address with a unique component that identifies the visitor so web content can be made more relevant and meaningful.

Personalized URL examples

  • YourWebsite.com/JaneDoePy
  • www.YourWebsite.com/John.Doe.6572
  • YourWebsite.com/XYZ123
  • YourWebsite.com/Acme-Industries
  • YourWebsite.com/Save20
  • www.JaneDoe6y.YourWebsite.com
  • JohnDoeZ6.YourWebsite.com
  • SummerSavings365.YourWebsite.com
  • x7za23bp.YourWebsite.com

purlHub recognizes the unique URL component (we call it a purlCode) and matches it to data associated with that record in your list. The service then makes all that data available to your web pages and provides tools that make it easy to add more relevant content, like:

  • a personal greeting - Welcome Jane!
  • a pre-populated web form
  • content tailored to a specific marketing channel
  • content specific to an individual business or organization
  • content based on a specific test cell or offer

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Personalized URLs = Relevant Content

A personalized URL is a promise of relevant content tailored to the visitor (personalization). Don't use personalized URLs as bait to get attention and then deliver the same static page to everyone. Not only will it fail to deliver campaign performance, but it will generally annoy your prospects.


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