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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 05:18PM MST

We hope you find purlHub easy to use, but if you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know by posting in our community at User Interface Suggestions.


  1. Main Navigation: The "go to" spot for getting around the main sections of the site.
  2. Account & Support Links: Add a company logo, upgrade or subscription, or get help.
  3. Campaign Summary: This block provides a quick overview of this campaign.
  4. Campaign Quick Links: These links give you quick access to campaign details.
  5. Campaign Status: Toggle to Draft mode for testing. Once you toggle to Live mode, all draft mode data is hidden in reports. 
  6. New Campaign Button: Create a new campaign - just click! (requires paid subscription)
  7. Delete Campaign Button: Delete a campaign entirely.

Campaign Detail

  1. Campaign Detail Navigation: Navigate among campaign detail pages.
  2. List Search: Search your list by purlCode or any other field.
  3. List View: A listing of all loaded purlProfiles. Drill down into profile, record or attribute details.
  4. Create a purlProfile: Create a single purlProfile using this tool.
  5. Delete Selected purlProfile(s): Delete one or more purlProfiles.
  6. Import/Export Butons: Bulk import an entire list and generate unique purlCodes, and export the current list view.
  7. Purge List Button: Delete all pulProfiles in campaign.
  8. Recent List Activity: A historical record of past importsand exports.

API Access & Security

  1. API Token Name: Name of API token.
  2. API Token Value: A unique value required on every page accessing campaign data.
  3. Edit/Delete Token: Change name or delete token.
  4. Access Control List Rules: Grant access to campaign data to specific URLs.
  5. Edit/Delete ACL Rule: Edit or delete an ACL rule.
  6. Add ACL Rule: Add a new ACL rule.

Note: Every landing page must be granted access using the Access Control List (ACL) for the campaign. For more information visit API Tokens and Access Control.

Landing Page Integration

  1. Service Integration Code: This code snippet initialized the purlHub service and must be present on every page that accesses the service.

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