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purlHub Basics

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 05:13PM MST

purlHub Development Eco-System

At its core, purlHub is a personalization web service. The core service provides a variety of functions that simplify delivery of dynamic, relevant content for websites and web applications. purlHub does the heavy lifting related to data storage and retrieval, and makes advanced personalization accessible with a few JavaScript calls.  We even built the purlHub account portal using the service.



Account Portal + JavaScript API

purlHub is the most flexible and powerful way to manage personalized URL marketing campaigns.  A web-based account portal provides tools for organizing campaigns, managing lists, and reporting on campaign performance. The JavaScript API provides simple ways to retrieve and store profile data, as well as delivering advanced capabilities to developers through numerous configuration options and event call-backs.


What purlHub Does

  1. Generates unique personalized URL codes (purlCodes) in many formats.
  2. JavaScript API for client-side landing page and microsite content control.
  3. Simplifies data storage and retrieval using purlCode as key, including:
    • Profile data (purlProfile, such as name, address, etc.).
    • Data sets (purlRecords), such as form submissions or other related data.
    • Behavioral attributes (purlAttributes), such as click behavior, location, or other custom behavioral flags.
  4. Advanced tracking and reporting for detailed behavioral analysis and data export.
  5. Session management for persistent data access across multi-page websites, as well as control of multi-session behavior though cookies.

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