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Generating QR Codes

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 05:48PM MST

Generating unique QR codes is simple with purlHub. You'll first need to import your contact list. This process generates unique personalized URL codes (purlCodes) for each record in your list. Once you have unique purlCodes, you can create QR Codes individually, or for all contacts.

PurlHub offers built-in support for generating high quality 2-dimensional barcode images (aka: QR Codes) using 4x4 pixel blocks at the maximum ECC level.  Purlhub's QR encoder uses Dynamic Versioning ensuring reliable decoding, the overall image dimensions vary based on the length of the URL encoded.   

Generating an Individual QR Code

It's often useful to generate a single QR code for testing purposes, or emailing to a prospect.  To do this, start by hovering over a contact row in your list.  Then click the "Create QR Code" link that appears.

Next, choose a campaign URL to use, as defined in the campaign's URL Formatting tab.  This will be the Personalized URL that this QR Image links to.   The appropriate tracking tag will be set to "QR-Code", automatically.

Then click "Generate" to create the QR Code with the embedded personalized URL. 

The pURL link that the Image contains is shown just below the QR Code.  You can even test the image on-screen with your smart phone, if you like.  If you are emailing or printing,  you can also use the "Save Image" button, to download and save the QR Code.

Generating QR Codes in-batch, for an Entire List

To generate unique QR Codes for an entire list in-batch, simply initiate an export by clicking the ""Export Data" button on the right side menu of the "List Management" tab. 

With the following options:
  1. CHECK: "Generate URL's with purlCodes." 
  2. Select a URL Template to use.
  3. CHECK: "Generate Zip Archive of QR Code images".

Then click the "Export" button. purlHub will initiate the export generating a compressed ZIP archive that will contain your list data (in CSV format), as well as a directory containing a unique QR Code image file (in PNG format) for each contact in the list.


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