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How does purlHub use Cookies?

Last Updated: Dec 26, 2012 04:18PM MST

purlHub and Cookie use:

      purlHub uses HTTP Cookies to maintain personalization information and visitor tracking on Landing Pages which integrate the standard purlHub JSAPI and/or purlHub standalone tracking API.  HTTP Cookies are textual data transferred between a web browser and a web server during each HTTP request.  The purlHub personalization service does not use Third-Party cookies, and instead uses only First-Party cookies.  This keeps all data sent by purlHub's HTTP Cookies within the realm of your Landing Page's domain.  All purlHub cookies are effectively the sole property of your own domain and inaccessible from any other service or domain.

The following cookies are set by the purlHub JSAPI service on your behalf:

  • _phsvc_purlCode - (persistence) remember the last used purlCode for visitors who return via the same web-browser w/ out their personalization code in the URL.  Expiration (default: 90 days) is determined by the purlService purlCodeStickyDays option.
  • _phReferrer - (persistence) remember the last present URL parameter of the same name, if the current session is anonymous.  Removed immediately upon setting the purlReferrer property of a personalized session and/or upon browser close.  
  • _phtxxid - (tracking) current visitor identifier.  Used to group tracking activities by session.  Expires on browser close / end of session.
  • _phtxuqxid - (tracking) persistent visitor identifier.  Used to identify return visitors and group tracking activities long-term.   Expiration (default: 90 days) determined by the latter or the purlService purlCodeStickyDays option, or the purlTracker rememberDays option.
  • _phtkr_stags_* - (tracking) prefix purlHub tracking tags session-cookie names.   Used to hold trackingTags during page navigation.  The complete names are this prefis plus each key name in the purlService/purlTracker option's trackingTags array. Expires on browser close / end of session.

      purlHub exclusively uses HTTP Cookies to enhance the experience of visitors to your personalized landing pages and provide insight about visitor activity on your campaign landing pages.  Neither purlHub nor the purlHub JSAPI / tracking API, use cookies to store personal information about your visitors. 

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