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Question about set up

Terri Jun 27, 2012 12:45PM MDT

I develop my own websites using HTML.

I am not familiar with CSS.

What level of knowledge do I need and who hosts the individualized
landing pages?

Does each landing page have to be set up individually? How does it work?


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Joel Jun 27, 2012 01:35PM MDT

We support hosting on any server (yours or ours) – with little, (if anything) to install server-side. Although, hosting on one of our servers is an additional cost.

All that is required to personalize a landing page, is to add a small amount of JavaScript to the head of each page and add special html tags wherever you want personalization on the page.

like: <span class="phPRofileData-firstName">Guest</span>

We provide the JavaScript code to add on each page, for each campaign in your account portal – just copy and paste into your HTML. You add the HTML elements and personalize (individualize) the page.

Yes, each page needs to be setup with the JavaScript code. You can include the js code in a commonly included JS file.

Purlhub personalization starts with an ID or purlCode. This code is extracted from the URL of the webpage or a previously set browser cookie. This code is used to fetch a collection of data that we call a “profile”, unique to the visitor, from our API service. This profile contains their first name, last name, and any information you load in to the campaign. The profile data is embedded on your page by replacing the text of HTML elements that you’ve added special markers (flags) on .

Simple as that.

We even provide an example HTML page to download when you setup each campaign.

Here are some online demos and examples:




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